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• Family Law
• Criminal Law
• Commercial Litigation
• Business Formation
• Wills and Power of Attorney

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The areas of law that the Law Office of Lynn Suzette Price, LLC  handles include:

The Law Office of Lynn Suzette Price, LLC

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• Consumer Debt/Bankruptcy
• Landlord Tenant Issues
• Collection Issues

In New Jersey, just like everywhere else in our great country, we all live under a "Social Compact." What that means is that in order to live harmoniously with each other, we as a people come together to agree on certain rules and responsibilities that we will all abide by. It doesn't mean that any one of us will always get our way. But it does mean that when we - through our democratic process  - make a rule or responsibility, that rule or responsibility must be fairly applied to us all. Further, our process provides us all with certain rights. Among those rights are the right to a fair trial if we are accused of a crime, the right to protect our good name, the right to the benefit of our labor and to the rightful benefit of a bargain, property rights, and the right to an equal education.

• Real Estate
• Traffic Violations
• Consumer Protection
• Personal Injury
• Employment Law

On your first visit to the Law Office of Lynn Suzette Price, LLC…here is what you can expect: You will do most of the talking and I will do most of the listening.  Together, we will develop the perfect strategy for your specific need.

The Law Office of Lynn Suzette Price, LLC

122 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608
Phone: (609) 529-1612


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Your freedom, your good name, the benefit of your labor, your property rights, your right to an equal education and protection from the negligence of another - through no fault of your own  - are too important to take chances with. At the Law Office of Lynn Suzette Price, LLC, I will fight to ensure you receive the best possible outcome!

"When we are denied our rights...we have a right and responsibility to fight"